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Villa Mairea

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Alvar Aalto's Villa Mairea, done as a form-Z project for what is now Arch 481.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:High Downloads:268 File size: 1.0M
Submitted by: David_Richardson Submitted on: 2002-06-21

Giovannitti House


Model of the Giovannitti House, in both .fmz and .3ds formats. Model by Mike Bowermaster for Arch 411.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:High Downloads:254 File size: 139.2k
Submitted by: Mike Bowermaster Submitted on: 2002-06-21

St. Ignatius Chapel [3ds]


This is the same model as the form-Z file, but saved in .3ds format (and without separate textures).

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Medium Downloads:204 File size: 484.2k
Submitted by: John Alexander Submitted on: 2009-02-20

4x4 House

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Tadao Ando's house in Kobe, Japan. Built for a bachelor that held a contest in a Men's magazine for an unsual plot of land in an industrial district on the water. The small house "bows" to honor and earthquake.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:179 File size: 380.0k
Submitted by: mdowell Submitted on: 2006-12-20

St Ignatius Chapel (Seattle)


An exterior model (from photographs) of Steven Holl's St. Ignatius Chapel, in Seattle. This form-Z model consists of around 14,000 faces. The archive includes a separate model of the chapel sanctuary. Both models were built by John Alexander of the AutoDesSys Technical Support Group and come with multiple textures. The models are included here with permission from auto-des-sys and Steven Holl Architects.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Medium Downloads:124 File size: 15.6M
Submitted by: John Alexander Submitted on: 2009-02-20

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