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Barcelona Pavillion


Straight-forward textured but unfurnished model of the Barcelona Pavillion, modeled in form-Z. Originally created by Julie Dorsey at the University of Washington.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Medium Downloads:30 File size: 4.0k
Submitted by: entourage Submitted on: 2007-09-14

Vanna Venturi House


Basic massing of Robert Venturi's seminal Vanna Venturi House. Elements that compose the whole form include facade side and backwalls, fenestration blocks and stair and chimney cores.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:81 File size: 18.5k
Submitted by: Dustin Eggink Submitted on: 2001-05-02

Gould Hall & environs


Originally created in 1994 for a studio, this form-Z model focuses on the exterior of Gould and the surrounding area (College Inn, Commodore Duchess, and Community Design Building). The interior has not been developed.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Medium Downloads:20 File size: 99.0k
Submitted by: Brian_Johnson Submitted on: 2002-11-27

Shaykh Lutf Allah Mosque


Masjid-i-Shaykh Lutf Allah or Shaykh Lutf Allah Mosque is a small mosque located in Isfahan, Iran on the Maidan-I-Shah, and it was constructed under Shah Abbas I from 1601-1618. The model is of a portion of the muqarnas dome over the mihrab, or teaching area. The archive includes thee parts (two individual muquarnas and a partial model), each of which comes with an image, 3DMF file, and form-Z file.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:16 File size: 112.0k
Submitted by: Matthew B. Sullivan Submitted on: 2001-06-08

Church of Light


Church of Light - Tadao Ando Church of light in detail with a few extra amenities.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Medium Downloads:59 File size: 127.0k
Submitted by: chaur Submitted on: 2006-10-19

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