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Gould Hall


A SketchUP model of Gould Hall, including the immediate exterior and some of the interior. Lots of wonky data, which is why its so big, but somewhere to start if you need visuals.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:18 File size: 1.1M
Submitted by: entourage Submitted on: 2011-04-11

Gould Hall Plans


Architectural plan drawings in DXF format of the UW's Gould Hall, including original design and final layout for the second floor. Does not show Digital Commons or 2008 remodel of the Dean's office.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:26 File size: 212.9k
Submitted by: brj Submitted on: 2008-11-02

Architecture Hall Plans


Plan architectural drawings (in DXF) of the UW's Architecture Hall as it existed from the mid-1980s to the mid 2000s. No elevations or sections.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:17 File size: 139.7k
Submitted by: brj Submitted on: 2008-11-02

4x4 House

  ( Related information )

Tadao Ando's house in Kobe, Japan. Built for a bachelor that held a contest in a Men's magazine for an unsual plot of land in an industrial district on the water. The small house "bows" to honor and earthquake.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:179 File size: 380.0k
Submitted by: mdowell Submitted on: 2006-12-20

Shaykh Lutf Allah Mosque


Masjid-i-Shaykh Lutf Allah or Shaykh Lutf Allah Mosque is a small mosque located in Isfahan, Iran on the Maidan-I-Shah, and it was constructed under Shah Abbas I from 1601-1618. The model is of a portion of the muqarnas dome over the mihrab, or teaching area. The archive includes thee parts (two individual muquarnas and a partial model), each of which comes with an image, 3DMF file, and form-Z file.

Category:Famous buildings Detail level:Low Downloads:16 File size: 112.0k
Submitted by: Matthew B. Sullivan Submitted on: 2001-06-08

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