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Urban Base Block for form-Z

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This is a really useful "one block urban model" that you can easily duplicate and and then edit to make flat or hilly urban models that still look great.This model formed the basis of the Belltown model (elsewhere in the database). Check the web pages for additional information about using the base block to build an urban site.

Category:Urban sites Detail level:Medium Downloads:34 File size: 24.2k
Submitted by: Brian_Johnson Submitted on: 2002-06-03

Westlake Plaza


'A very early (very low polygon count) model of the Westlake Mall area. Created for an application called Super3D, the original data can also be read by StrataVision. In addition, DXF and form-Z files have been prepared from the original data. The Archive contains all three versions of the model data. CAUTION: not to scale!! '

Category:Urban sites Detail level:Low Downloads:7 File size: 56.0k
Submitted by: Brian_Johnson Submitted on: 2001-04-30

base-block for Rhino

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A .3dm version of the urban-landform "base block" that can be fairly easily duplicated and edited to make an urban street-scape. To edit, make control-points visible and then move them in clusters.

Category:Urban sites Detail level:Low Downloads:5 File size: 60.4k
Submitted by: brj Submitted on: 2011-11-01

Seattle near 5th and Stewart


A fairly rough VRML model of the area near 5th and Stewart and slightly northwest of there. About 12 blocks total.

Category:Urban sites Detail level:Medium Downloads:6 File size: 123.7k
Submitted by: entourage Submitted on: 2005-03-23

Rhino4 urban base-block


A one-block urban starter (streets, sidewalk, alley). Array for a city area, then move edges on control areas (intersections, sidewalks, etc) to stretch to fit your needs.

Category:Urban sites Detail level:Medium Downloads:2 File size: 126.3k
Submitted by: brj Submitted on: 2012-10-25

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